5 Anime Similar to The Rising of the Shield Hero

5 Anime Like The Rising of the Shield Hero

1 - Log Horizon :

The story takes us to an online game that has been offered a new expansion.

However, the 30,000 players find themselves trapped in the virtual world of Elder Tail. Very quickly teams of warriors were created to face threats.

We follow the adventures of Shiroe, the magician / alchemist, and his friends, Naotsugu the warrior & Akatsuki of the assassin class, in their quest to change the world!

2 - Rokka no Yuusha :

When the Majin (Evil Being) awakens from the depths of darkness, the Divinity of Fate chooses 6 Heroes, nicknamed Rokka no Yuusha (Heroes of the Six Flowers), to grant them the power to save the world.

Adlet who calls himself the strongest man in the world is chosen to be one of them to stop the resurrection of the Majin.

However, 7 people show up at the gathering place. This means that one of the warriors is a traitor / enemy.

Suspicion and paranoia spread among the elect leading them to fight each other while seeking to complete their mission.

3 - Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody :

The story takes us into the daily life of Suzuki Ichirou, a 29-year-old programmer who finds himself transported to the video game he was working on.

His level is such that he can decimate an army of monsters and dragons with his magic.

Under these conditions, he decides to travel through this new world and bring his help to people who need it.

4 - Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash :

The story takes us alongside a group of teenagers who regain consciousness in a fantasy world completely unknown to them.

Amnesiacs, Haruhito and the others decide to stand united to understand who they really are and what they are doing here.

It was then that they began to learn how to survive and discover the dangerous world of Grimgar.

5 - From Common place to World’s Strongest :

We follow the adventures of Nagumo Hajime, an asocial otaku mocked by his classmates, who is transported with his class to a fantasy world.

So the students were called upon to protect the land from destruction. All of them were given overpowering powers through amazing classes. But Hajime ends up in the Synergist (Crafting) class with very poor stats.

However, that all changes when he falls into the abyss while exploring with his group. Abandoned and left for dead, he manages to survive bordering on madness but reaching a new stage of his power.

Accompanied by the mysterious Yue, he now swears to kill all those who stand against him ...


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