Top 7 Most Rewatched Anime Fights

Top 7 Most Rewatched Anime Fights

7 - Lee vs Gaara :

Neji, who is proud of his victory, announces that a loser remains a loser and his words seem to be directed towards Naruto, who rushes towards Neji, but is interrupted in his tracks by Lee.

The medical team arrive quickly and notice that Hinata's heartbeat is extremely low: Neji really intended to kill her. Naruto promises that he will beat Neji. As he returns to the other spectators, Naruto is joined. by Kankuro who says he appreciates him because he is funny.The next match is about to be announced, this match will oppose Gaara to Lee.From the start of the fight, Lee rushes against Gaara to give him a violent blow of foot but this fact quickly blocked by the sand. Lee goes directly with another attack, also rendered ineffective by the protection established by the sand of Gaara. Sakura is astonished that Lee uses only Taijutsu. Gay teaches him whereas Lee Cannot use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Gay then orders Lee to remove weights that he was carrying on his feet. Lee complies: his weights were actually very heavy. Once the weights are removed, Lee does. dashes again against Gaara and finally manages to pass to t ravers the sand wall without actually touching Gaara. But he then tricks using an aerial attack that allows him to land a blow to Gaara's face. All members of the Sand Village are amazed by Lee's performance against Gaara. Lee succeeds again has to reach Gaara and throw him away with a single punch. However as Gaara stands up, his face seems to crumble. The sand has stuck to his skin, offering Gaara perfect defense. Gaara's expression is extremely strange: he laughs out loud, which worries Kankuro who says that Lee might die just for Gaara's amusement. But Kankuro by analyzing the situation understands that Gaara is in a bad spot: the sand armor is the solution he uses when pushed to his limits.

6 - Levi vs Beast Titan :

Levi Ackerman vs. Beast Titan - It's more obvious for Levi to win when he longs for revenge. He won't let Zeke succeed with his madness. Levi takes the lives of his comrades very seriously, as we have seen before how he goes wild when he sees Furlan's decapitated head.

5 - Gon vs Pitou :

Although the promise was kept in order to bring Gon to Peijin to heal Kito, once there, Neferupito claims that his cure proves impossible and then prepares to kill Gon. The latter sacrifices his life expectancy to obtain almost all of his aura and kills Neferupito in battle.

4 - All Might vs All For One :

When All Might, and later Gran Torino, appeared on the scene, All For One repeatedly fought back and defeated the duo. All For One held back his power by releasing multiple shockwaves against the Peace Symbol to weaken him, which proved successful when All Might spontaneously regained his true form after blocking an improved air cannon that targeted an injured civilian.

3 - Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki :

Naruto and Sasuke counter-attack him with taijutsu by activating their Chakra and dôjutsu modes respectively. The two ninjas use an attack combined with a Shuriken Fûma and manage to put Momoshiki in difficulty. Momoshiki lands on the stump of the divine tree, using it to spawn wooden dragons with which he manages to catch Sasuke. When he's about to shoot it through the dragon's head, Naruto saves him by going into Trinket Mode. Momoshiki later forms the Monkey Rock. Sasuke helps Naruto by making him wear the armor of his Susanô and gets rid of the stone monkey

2 - Goku vs Jiren :

Annoyed and enraged by this indomitable adversary, Jiren briefly attacks the stands where Goku's friends are, throwing them a powerful Kikoha, but the latter repels the attack. Dissatisfied with Jiren's gesture, the Saiyan becomes angry and defeats the Pride Trooper with an extremely destructive Kamehameha

1 - Luffy vs Kaido :

Luffy punched Kaidoin the head by a Gum Gum Elephant Gun. After Kaido crashed to the ground, Luffy turned his attention to him. He attacked it with a flaming breath, but the young pirate dodged it and he used the Gum Gum Elephant Rafale. As Kaido returned to his normal form, Luffy activated the Gear Fourth: Bound Man and he attacked the Emperor with the Gum Gum Kong Organ. However, his attacks were ineffective and Kaido hit him with his kanabō, beating him with a single blow. As he left, he saw his beaten opponent using the royal fluid while he was unconscious. He noticed that Luffy was still staring at him and he ordered his men to imprison him in order to break his mind to turn him into a subordinate. 


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