Top 10 Romance Anime You Must Watch

10 Romance Anime

10 - Fruits Basket :

Fruit Basket tells the story of Tohru, a young orphan girl, who following an unfortunate accident finds herself hosted by three members of the Soma family: Yuki (mouse), Kyo (cat) and Shigure (dog).

9 - A Silent Voice :

Shoko Nishimiya has been deaf since birth. Even equipped with a hearing aid, she struggles to capture conversations, to understand what is happening around her. Frightened by this handicap, his father ended up abandoning him, leaving his mother to raise him alone.

8 - Kimi ni Todoke :

Kimi Ni Todoke tells the story of a young girl named Sawako Kuronuma, who on entering High School promises one thing: to make friends. But, lots of obstacles stand between her and her comrades. Indeed, Sawako has an appearance that leaves (almost) everyone perplexed.

7 - Your Lie in April :

After the death of his mother, Kôsei, a true virtuoso on the piano, loses all love for this instrument. A few years later, he will meet Kaori, a violinist who will allow him to regain a taste for music and thus give back a meaning to his life.

6 - Blue Spring Ride :

While Futaba Yoshioka enters high school, she does not keep fond memories of college, where the boy she was in love with, Kô Tanaka, left without her being able to confess her feelings to him. Luck turns because she finds him by chance in high school.


5 - Your Name :

"Your Name" tells the story of two high school students, Mitsuha and Taki, who swap their bodies while they sleep. The two have totally opposite lives, one living in the countryside in the small town of Itomari while the other leads a hectic life in the big city of Tokyo.

4 - Akatsuki No Yona :

Yona is the only princess and heiress of the kingdom of Kouka. Throughout her life in sixteen years, Yona has grown carefree in the world, so she knows nothing of struggle or misfortune except for the death of her mother. As she was a princess, she was forbidden to go out, for her safety.

3 - Snow White With the Red Hair :

Shirayuki is a recognized and highly regarded herbalist who possesses, in addition to this talent, another unusual characteristic: hair as red as a ripe apple.

This hair color being very rare, it attracts the attention of Prince Raji, first prince of the kingdom of Tanbarun, one day, who wants to make her his concubine.

But the young girl refuses and fled to the neighboring kingdom.

It is on this occasion that she will meet Zen, who will quickly prove to be the second prince of the kingdom of Clarines.

Interested in the young girl, he offered her to come and live in his kingdom where she would have the opportunity to become one of the pharmacologist of the palace. She will accept.

2 - Kamisama Kiss :

Momozono Nanami's father is a regular gamer, who one day disappears from his daughter's life, having accumulated a huge amount of debt and she is out of the house by creditors. Tonight-Nanami saves a mysterious traveler named Mikage by a rabid dog, and after telling him his story, as a thank you to the guy gives his quarters. Incredulous, he went to the place indicated, and found that it is a sanctuary. Here is immediately greeted by the temple keepers, Onikiri and Kotetsu and Tomoe, a fox demon, and discover that Mikage has chosen Nanami as a god of the Earth Sanctuary, and granted her brand of naming new deity. Earlier Nanami is reluctant, but living at the shrine with Onikiri, Kotetsu, and Tomoe, you realize her tough and difficult position as the New Gods of Earth. With the story continuing, Nanami falls in love with Tomoe, but rejects it because the love between a human and a Yokai It is forbidden. Nonetheless, even Tomoe will eventually come and go with his feelings.

1 - Kaichou Wa Maid-sama :

Here we are at Seika High School, a low-rise school where boys make up 80% of the class. It is in this very masculine high school that Ayuzawa Misaki, president of the student council, maintains military discipline. Through hard work and determination, this young teenager has earned everyone respect. Beautiful, energetic, intelligent, Misaki commands the admiration among the other girls, whom she never fails to defend. On the other hand, she spreads terror among boys, whom she holds little in regard to. This is particularly the case with his rival, the very calm and respected Usui Takumi, Eternal First before Misaki, he also provokes oceans of tears by rejecting these suitors who dare to confess to him. This daily life is just one facet of Misaki's life. Coming from a poor family, she lives in a dilapidated house, with her mother and her little sister. To meet their needs, she therefore works part-time as a maid in a café. In order not to tarnish a dearly acquired reputation, the young president wishes to keep this double life secret. So she fears the worst when Usui surprises her at work. But against all odds, the young boy reveals an interest in Misaki, which he decides to support. In the shadow of the rivalry, a certain bond will emerge, and perhaps more !!!


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