Top 10 Anime Vampire That Looks BADASS!!


Looking for Anime where Vampire Looks Badass!! check the article below you will find a total of 10 anime about that.

NOTE : you can recommend any anime in the comment section below...


10 - Blood Lad 

Staz is the leader of a territory that is part of the demon world. One day, a human named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally lands in this mysterious world and meets Staz. Unfortunately, the young girl is devoured by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost.


9 - Rosario to Vampire 

Tsukuné quickly becomes friends with the beautiful vampire Moka Akashiya who often takes advantage of him to steal some blood from him. ... As the story progresses, Tsukuné and Moka will befriend other monsters like Kurumu Kurono the succubus, Ginei Morioka the werewolf or Yukari Sendo the witch.


8 - Seraph of The End 

The story follows the adventure of Yuu, a young orphan and his demon Ashuramaru. The world is ravaged by a terrible disease. Children under 13 who were, for some reason, immune to the virus, survived.


7 - Hellsing Ultimate 

The manga Hellsing chronicles the fight of the Hellsing Foundation, in particular its best element, the Nosferatu Alucard (anacyclic of Dracula) as well as Victoria Seras (a policewoman transformed into a vampire by Alucard), against ghouls, vampires and even the Vatican. . The organization is trying to fight and eradicate an upsurge of abnormal vampires as well as to discover the origin ...


6 - Black Blood Brothers 

It all begins in Hong Kong, during a holy war where Jirô, the hero, fights against the children of Kowloon, these vampires who endanger the existence of other vampires and humans.


5 - Vampire Knight 

In Cross Academy, human and vampire students secretly coexist. A conviction also dictated by the feelings she has for the noble Kaname, the charismatic leader of the high school vampires, a pureblood. ... A boy who, 10 years ago, saved his life.


4 - Jojo Bizarre Adventure 

The story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure chronicles the deadly relationship between Dio Brando, adopted son of a benevolent nobleman, and Jonathan Joestar, his main heir and therefore rival of Dio.


3 - Monogatari Series 

The Monogatari series centers on the story of Koyomi Araragi, a senior high school student who was attacked by a vampire (then cured) shortly before the story began. He meets other characters suffering from various paranormal ailments and comes to their aid.


2 - Vampire Hunter D 

Billed by Japanese producers as a "dark future sci-fi novel", Vampire Hunter D is set in 12,090 AD, in a post-nuclear holocaust world where vampires, mutants, and demons "creep into a world. of darkness "(in the words of the film's introduction).


1 - Noblesse 

Noblesse tells the story of a powerful nobleman - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (also called Rai) - waking up from a long sleep (820 years) and knowing nothing about the contemporary world. Luckily, he meets his loyal servant - Frankenstein - who happens to be the principal of Ye Ran High School.


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