Talentless Nana Anime Release Date


Genre: Shonen, School Life / Drama, Psychological / Science fiction

The animated series premieres October 4, 2020 in Japan.

The manga Talentless (Munouna Nana) by Looseboy (script) & Furuya Iori (drawings) debuted in 2016 at Square Enix editions and currently has 7 bound volumes in Japan.


In a school built on a remote island in the middle of the ocean ... Teenagers gifted with superpowers, the Prodigies, undergo intensive training to help them face a terrible threat called "the enemies of humanity."

A new pupil arrives among them, Nana, and claims to be able to read people's minds. One day, she receives an SMS: to save millions of lives, she has to murder one of her comrades ...

Behind this apparently harmless young girl is there hiding a formidable murderer?


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