One Piece Chapter 990 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 990

Release Date :

One Piece Chapter 990 will be released on Sunday, September 13, 2020. Chapter 990 spoilers are not yet available, we'll update them as they become available. This Manga releases its new chapters every Sunday.

Predictions :

The battle continues in the land of Wano Pound has proof that Lola is his real daughter. Pound shows a locket that contains a photo of his daughter Lola and Chiffon to prove he is Lola's father. In the past, Pound has been kicked out of his room by Big Mom, which is when the photo was taken. The photo shows Big Mom's feet from the other half. Kaido's allies are shocked to see that they run for their lives out of fear because Big Mom is about to go mad.

Meanwhile, Luffy climbs onto the roof of Onigashima to confront Kaidou. Shinobu is surprised to see Luffy with Yamato and Luffy tells Shinobu that Yamato is on their side. Yamato is shy when greeting Momonosuke, she tells him that she is Oden, that she will protect him. Momonosuke and Shinobu keep their distance from Yamato due to a shock.

Today we're going to take a look at the latest developments in the One Piece Chapter 990 release date and a recap of the final chapter. Let's start by looking at the calendar for this manga for more updates as they come out.


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