Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai RELEASE DATE!

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Genre: Shonen, Action / Adventure, Fantasy

The animated series premieres October 3, 2020 in Japan. This is the complete adaptation of the manga.

Adaptation :

(Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken): 46 episodes - 1991

The manga Dragon Quest: by Sanjo Riku & Inada Koji began in 1989 with Shueisha editions and counts a total of 22 bound volumes (37 old edition volumes) in Japan.


15 years ago, Hadlar, the King of Evil, who terrorized the world with his hordes of monsters, was defeated by a great hero. Freed from its evil spells, the monsters have returned to living quietly on a small island in the South Seas, Dermline Island.

It was on this island that 12-year-old Dai was raised by his adopted grandfather Brass. Unfortunately, the King of Evil resurrects, and begins to sow terror in the world.

Dai is then trained in combat techniques by Master Avan, in order to defeat Evil… But when his training has barely begun, Avan sacrifices himself to save his followers from Hadlar, the King of Evil.

This is when Dai's quest begins, aided by his friends, Pop, Maam, and others ... to avenge the memory of his master by stopping Evil for good.


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