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one piece manga 980

One Piece Chapter 980


Looking at the latest releases and spoilers for the chapters to come, we are still at the start of the Onigashima raid. And at this rate, things will take a while to develop as new versions of the chapters have slowed down. The Flying Six met before Kaido, but so far they have not all been revealed. We have the imminent appearance of Kaido’s son and the numbers mentioned.

Kaido has the six flounces looking for his son. And the only thing the latest spoils have revealed about him is his name, Yamato. The six adults must now find Yamato and present themselves before Kaido for their confrontation with the All-Stars and the winner will replace the All-Stars he has defeated. It will also be to show their strength to Big Mom who is also looking sideways because she has now become the ally of the pirates of the beast.

On another occasion, Kanjuro was seen flying to where Hiyori was instead of Onigashima. So he too could be preparing something. Hackers Luffy and Kidd are also on their way to Kaido's mansion where everything else happens. So it seems that things will take a little time to set up because Kaido is already aware of their invasion but instead of focusing on them, he wants to show the strength of his crew to his big mom.


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