One Piece Chapter 979 SPOILERS! Release Date

One Piece Chapter 979

One Piece Chapter 978 arrived two weeks later and chapter 979 was delayed due to Golden Week,
So it will be released on May 10, 2020.


Kanjuro is said to have never been to Onigashima.
King: Even if I summoned you all together, some of you would ignore my call.
Sasaki: It's true.
King: All of you, former pirate captains, wait to take our “All Star” seats.

The spoilers confirmed that Kaido's son is not revealed , but his name is mentioned, supposedly “Yamato”. It is also known that Kanjuro flies to Hiyori instead of Onigashima, and that the crews of Luffy and Kidd begin to infiltrate the Kaidos mansion. Finally, some believe that Admiral Ryokugyu would be a good pretender to be the son of Kaido, and the future enemy of Luffy ...

Kaido: For example, this is the mission you want to ask for. Bring back my stupid son Yamato who disappeared today!
Black Maria: Oh my God, this is so disheartening ... !! So, is this “important announcement” linked to Master Yamato?
Kaido: It is ...
Black Maria: Indeed ...
Ulti: It's boring !! It's your family problem! !
Page One: Hey !!!
Who’s Who: When will you bring him back safe and sound?
Kaido: I will give you the challenge of the “Grand Bulletin” as a nomination system !! Who's leaving ?
Who’s Who: Really? I will do it !
Kaido: You don't mind?
King: Not at all.


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