Fly Me to The Moon Anime 2020 Release Date

Fly Me to The Moon

Fly Me to The Moon Anime

The official website has revealed the animation staff & teaser poster for the anime Tonikaku Kawaii: Fly Me to The Moon!


Nasa Yuzaki is a teenager who falls in love with the mysterious Tsukasa Tsukuyomi.

Following a serious accident, Nasa Yuzaki confesses his love to Tsukasa. The latter accepts only if he marries together.

Nasa is dedicated to her rehabilitation and studies. Since then, he has never seen the one he is in love with. He lost the will to go to the prestigious high school where he was accepted. Hoping to meet Tsukasa again one day, Nasa is accumulating odd jobs involving customer reception and delivery.

On her 18th birthday, Tsukasa suddenly shows up at Nasa's door with a marriage form. Even though the many mysteries that remain, the two young people now form a married couple spending their daily lives together to deepen their relationship.

The manga Tonikaku Kawaii: Fly Me to The Moon by Kenjiro Hata (Hayate no Gotoku !, Sore ga Seiyuu!) Started in 2018 at Shogakukan editions and currently lists 10 books related to Japan.


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