Spider-Man 3 Release Date and More Details

Spider-Man 3 

We know when the shooting of Spider-Man 3 will take place, and one of the filming locations could reveal the identity of a villain from the Movie.

Spidey is back! If the release of Spider-Man 3 - whose title has not yet been revealed - and premiere exactly at the same time next year, on July 16, 2021, filming begins this summer.

Production should end next November and pass through several cities around the world. The teams will necessarily spend a great part of their time in Atlanta and New York but a new filming location has just been unveiled. 

Spider-Man to visit known country Iceland to offer a vast geographical landscape ... And these Icelandic lands could bring to meet the villain Kraven the hunter
alias Sergei Kravinov. Rumor has it that this villain would be part of the film and he promises to be a formidable opponent for Peter Parker.

If this MCU character is of Russian origin, Iceland has often made it possible to represent the country in various films because its decor offers many 
As for Mysterio, not sure that he is part of the sequel, given that the previous part led us to believe that he was dead.

However, he left Peter Parker in serious trouble, revealing to everyone his real identity. Will he have to use the trip in time to restore the situation? 
Possible! His interpreter, Tom Holland, did everything to keep the character within Marvel and from Sony, even to call the CEO of Disney while intoxicated, then this Spider-Man 3 must be up to par!


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