Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

Lucifer Season 5

Be careful, it will heat up: Netflix is ​​tempting an exit from season 5 of Lucifer for soon!

While we wonder if we can hope for the return of Azrael in the new episodes, new info on season 5 of Lucifer has just fallen. 

"Do you feel the flames of Hell? Lucifer season 5 is coming soon ... (we promise, we'll give a date)," 
Netflix announced on April 8 in the evening. If the platform does not give us a release date, it leaves us a clue! 

Lucifer season 4 was released on May 8, 2019 on Netflix ... And there, we are announced the sequel just a month before this anniversary date. In addition, it would happen in 666 hours, exactly the number of the Devil. 

Can we therefore expect to discover season 5 from May 8, 2020 on the platform? If we must not draw hasty conclusions, we can hope that it goes like this!

This season 5 of Lucifer is eagerly awaited by the fans! If it were to be the last one initially, it may be that Netflix managed to convince producers to embark on a new batch of episodes. It is a good idea if the scenario is suitable. 

Fans do not want to be faced with a plot completely invented at the last moment. Some Lucifans suggest offering a kind of spin-off on Maze and Lucifer, in order to reveal their origins. 
This fifth season should answer a large number of questions. More than to wait before the official release date of the Lucifer suite!


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