Loki: Could the Disney + series introduce several versions of the character to replace Tom Hiddleston?

The multiverse opens the doors to all possibilities. Can we expect to discover new versions of Loki in the Disney + series?

Like Doctor Strange 2, the Loki show on Disney + will take us on numerous chronologies thanks to the multiverse! 
If time travel allows you to wander sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future, or even to open the door 
to unexplored worlds, they can also cause damage. As we saw in the first images released by Disney, the God of Malice 
may have been captured by the Time Variance Authority. This organization's mission is to ensure the proper functioning of 
chronologies and to stop those who try to get between the cracks! For several months, the rumor circulating wants that 
Loki introduces different versions of the character thanks to the multiverse. Is this a sneaky way to replace Tom Hiddleston in 
the title role?

According to recent filming videos released, Tom Hiddleston could face a female version of his character: 
Lady Loki, supposedly interpreted by Sophia Di Martino. In addition to a female Loki, there is also talk of Kid Loki, a rejuvenated 
version of Thor's half-brother. Currently, the character played by Tom Hiddleston is part of a chronology very close to 
the traditional MCU. However, we do not know which version of Loki we will find at the end of the Disney + show. 

One could for example imagine that the series would stop on the story featuring the female interpretation of 
the God of Malice and that it is Lady Loki who would face Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder. If this deep 
exploration of the character can be very interesting, the fans are very attached to Tom Hiddleston, who brings 
the role to perfection!


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