Fast and Furious 9 : Release Date Confirmed By Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel will stop at nothing: he is ready to do anything to get Fast and Furious 9 out in theaters on time, and even to go to China to thank his audience.

If the release date of Black Widow or Fast and Furious 9 can be postponed due to the coronavirus, Vin Diesel is ready to do anything to avoid this decision! 
While the whole world is plunged into panic, the interpreter of Dom is completely calm in the face of the epidemic. He wants the movie Fast and Furious 9 
to come out on time because "the world needs the movies," he told USA Today. now. "But we need films today, even more than before. We are already in a
 period when cinema and the cinema experience are threatened. So yes, write it down well, the film will come out well in may".

And if some actors or actresses then decide to ease off on the promotion, Vin Diesel does not intend to change anything about the program. 
What he wants more than anything: thank his audience! For this, he is ready to go to China, when almost the whole country is placed in quarantine 
because of the epidemic. "I like to be there for the public and the fans because they have always been there for me. I'm crazy, 
I beg Sony (who produces their other film Bloodshot) to let me go to China, even now," explains the actor before confiding that his collaborators 
lose their heads: "you should see their heads, they say to me 'You go there all alone buddy!'". Whether for Bloodshot or Fast and Furious 9, Vin Diesel 
does not intend to be impressed by the coronavirus: his films must absolutely be released on the scheduled dates! According to the actor, cinema precisely 
allows people to decompress, to clear their heads, to have a good time ... "Maybe we should stop just focusing on the box office and on the contrary 
remember that we are one world and we need to go through it together, "he said. The cast of Fast and Furious 9 did not tease a film where 
"the impossible is possible" by chance!


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