DanMachi Season 3 CONFIRMED Release Date

DanMachi Season 3

The animated series (12 episodes) is scheduled for July 2020 in Japan & in France (wakanim.tv then bluray Black Box edition). 

DanMachi Season 3 : July 2020 - 12 episodes


We are following the misadventures of a group of warriors.

The labyrinth town, Orario, also called Dungeon is the place where all the warriors who want to live dangerously go.

Bell Cranel is a young boy who wants to get stronger after being saved by Aiz Wallenstein, a beautiful and relentless swordsman, who does not leave him indifferent.

By his side, Cranel can count on Hestia, an immature deity, who has fallen in love with him and who help each other in their quests.


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