Castlevania Season 4 CONFIRMED BY NETFLIX!

Castlevania SEASON 4

Castlevania season 4 is officially confirmed on Netflix.

it was confirmed by netflix on Twitter :
a short video confirmed the announcement of season 4 is on the way.
You know season 3 was also released on netflix with 22 episode, if you haven't watch it yet! just you can begin.

No official release date has been released Yet
As a reminder, the series is scripted by Warren Ellis and produced by Powerhouse Animation, with Richard Armitage (Trevor Belmont), James Callis (Adrian Alucard Tepes), Graham McTavish (Dracula) and Alejandra Reynoso (Sypha Belnades). The story is notably based on the Castlevania 3 games


From the clues left by Season 3, it can start with Alucard's betrayal by Taka and Sumi. After that, Dracula's son would be ahead of his father and be much colder for humans in the future and could begin to embrace his powers with the darkness that would accompany him.
Then, with Hector's enslavement, Carmilla's plan to take over Wallachia can continue in the coming season. By going to Trevor and Sypha, they may have defeated the worship cult of Dracula at Lindenfeld, but their future looks uncertain for the season.

We will update you once we know more informations!


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