Beastars Season 2 CONFIRMED!


Beastars Season 2

The good news was confirmed at the end of the Japanese broadcast of season 1: the anime adapting the excellent manga Beastars from Paru Itagaki will be entitled to a season 2, at a date for the moment This second part should also have 12 episodes, and logically it should keep the same staff.
The Studio also posted a tweet to confirm this. In France, the original manga is being published by Ki-oon editions. The anime, it should arrive soon on Netflix.

The animated series is scheduled for 2021 on Netflix. Beastars TV2: Season 2 - 12 episodes - in production The manga Beastars by Itagaki Paru started in 2016 with Akita Shoten editions and currently lists 15 books related

Synopsis :
Second part of the anime Beastars. At the Cherryton Institute, the consumption of meat is prohibited and the dormitories are separated according to diet. However, when the body of the Tem alpaca is found in pieces, Legoshi is the main suspect.


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