Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date and Speculations


The release date of Boruto chapter 44, Like every month, it's going to be released on 20 march.

So let me make this short about the previous chapter !

*Uchiha Sarada chidori, she did a huge damage to the core of Boro’s regeneration abilities.
*Boruto defeated Boro! using Momoshiki power and finish him with Rasengan!
* Finally Naruto is saved but he is still unconscious.

so a fight will take a place between Jigen vs Kashin koji in chapter 44! and more speculation about this!

*The origin of kashin koji
*Sasuke will appear and take everybody home!
*Naruto will wake up finally

we're going to learn more about Jigen and Kashin koji, Their abilities! Their techniques and their plans.
it's going to be a crazy chapter! We can call that! The expected battle!
I don't know how the fight will be ! But I am sure it's gonna awesome! We learn every single chapter a new details!


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