One Piece Chapter 959 Release Date [DELAYED] Predictions

One Piece Chapter 959

The last chapter 958 was a good chapter by the way.
After the huge news about the Yonko Bounties, things back to normal!
Wano Country act 3 just started in chapter 958 But we witnessed a flashback from 25 years ago about Oden sailing with Roger Pirates.

I was really excited to see this and to learn how Oden is a great man, He was always looking To reopen Wano Country to the world once again.

The main situation, is that Kinemon and the others planned to meet somewhere, No one was there ! no allies ! no ships! Nothing ! 

In the end of the chapter we learned that Orochi did something.
Chapter 959 will reveal more informations about the plan of Orochi. Maybe there is a Betrayer, and he is telling everything to orochi. But i am sure that they will appear in the next chapter Orochi thinks that his plan worked but i dont think so.
I believe that Luffy and the others will reach the meeting place.They will reach Onigashima very soon and the war will start.

Chapter 959 will be delayed and it will be released on October 18.


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