Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 54 Release Date


Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 53  was focused about what's happening in the earth
after the gathering of piccolo and krillin to fight Saganbo Gang! That Moro send them to
locate the earth if its worth it! One of those guys has the ability to copy others!

He is able to use his powers for 30 minutes.
Piccolo faced a problem to deal with him!until Gohan comes finally and saved him.
Gohan and piccolo must prepare a smart plan to stop this ability. if Gohan will be defeated
no one in the earth will be able to stop him so Gohan must be careful ! Team work is needed between him and Piccolo!

that's what I think for this moment! The end of the chapter revealed Goku and Vegeta training!
Goku having problem to go Ultra instinct! The only way is to push his limits like he did before in the tournament of power when he fought Jiren The Gray, Merus is giving all he got as he is going to kill Goku!

Goku is risking his life for ultra instinct! Goku still Training with Merus for this moment!
Vegeta on planet Yardrat, He is rushing everything but it will take him a while to balance his spirit and mind!
The training of Goku and Vegeta will take a while, Moro will reach planet earth before them.

Dragon ball super chapter 54 will be released on NOVEMBER 20.


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