Overlord Season 4 Expected Release Date


The Creator of Overlord Kugane has delayed the release of volume 12 by over a month.
Volume 13 was supposed to be out in december 2017 but it was published in april 18.
So in Volume 12, there were a total of 410 pages and volume 13 had 574 pages and he has also mentionned that volume 14 may release in 2019, So the big question is :

Will Overlord season 4 return in 2019?

The answer for this question is : NOT LIKELY!!

It seems Overlord season 4 will take longer to preduce because the story of the light novels
doesn't connect properly with season 3 just yet, and one that is accomplished! We will see the production of Overlord season 4 begin and that will take quite some time because Madhouse wouldn't want to rush anything.

As per the trend and the workflow, it is quite good to assume that there is possibilty 
of getting it delayed until 2020 and by looking at the production workflow and the pace 
of making the light novel, it is safe to predict that it maybe release by fall 2020 or early 2021, But there maybe a reason for the delay.

Of the 13 novels the three seasons have already covered 9 volumes, to plan the next
season, Showrunners need more materiels.
Volume 14 is set to be lunched later this Year or early 2020 after which we may see the return of Overlord season 4 and for now we only going to wait.


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