One Piece Chapter 958 Release Date and Predictions


Spoilers Alert :

No one can say a bad thing about last chapter 957! NO ONE!! Because it was the best chapter for
a quite some time or maybe for a long time, The chapter revealed the story of the rocks but not 
in details. The one who stopped the pirate rocks was Garp and The Pirate King Roger! this is insane
i cannot beleive this is happened, Beside Kaido, Bigmom, Whitebeard were on the same crew and on the same ship as The Rocks Pirates ( the powerful Crew ever )

Thanks God, we witnessed the Bounties of The Yonko and The Pirate King, imagine all this in one chapter

"This is too much for us Oda!!!"

The Marines has an idea about Kaido an Big mom Alliance and their Bounties together is the highest in 
one piece history. this is could be problem. They will not interfere the big fight in Wano country

In The Next Chapter 958, I think We will get more informations about Sabo, i don't think he is dead
maybe he is missed or captured by Fujitora, This is could be possible.

we will return to Wano and continue the adventure with Luffy and the others, it will be soon to reach
Onigashima and to fight Kaido and Big mom. We will see how Luffy and The rest of the crew can do !
As always unexpected things might happend in chapter 958, we will wait for this moment.

One Piece Chapter 958 will be released on October 4.


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