One Piece Chapter 957 Release Date and Predictions


One Piece Chapter 956 was a big surprise to all of you, it was a Big News really. Everything happened in same time, This is fascinating! Let me just warn you before you keep reading this! Because this is contains spoilers for chapter 956 andthe next chapter 957.

Everyone were shocked about Sabo and we don't know actually what's happened till now.
Is Sabo arrested or what ? Is he alive ? This is brings memory about Ace death.

I hope Sabo is okay and not death, I mean maybe he is arrested by the admirals.

The marines give up on the shichibukai and they decided to capture them .

Coby is going for Boa Hancock, i don't see that he can arrest her!
Mihawk is excited to fight as a pirate one more time, they are after him, but they should send powerful marines or admirals to take him down, He is the strongestswordsman.
X-drake was a secret agent with the marine, he was giving them all the informations and what's happening in Wano country, also about Big mom and Kaido joining their forces.

Blackbeard on the move alos, he want to take a shichibukai on his side! But who ?
Dragon is pissed about Sabo ? I am so excited to see Dragon on the move for the first time.

The informations stopped to spread about Wano Country.
I think chapter 957 will introduce for us the new weapon of Vegapunk and how the marines will try to stop the shichibukai..also we will know what happened to Sabo.

One Piece Chapter 957 will be released between 26 & 27 September 2019.


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