One Piece Chapter 956 Release Date and Predictions

One Piece Chapter 956

The last chapter 955 was for me an amazing chapter, i was looking to see Zoro finally taking the new Enma sword ! A powerful sword that will be able to hurt Kaido, But it's not easy to control this sword! Zoro probably is the right man to handle this, It seems that Luffy was able to learn and to control his Armament Haki! He is like ready to fight Kaido by saying "Wait for me Kaido"
The whole crew and the fighters are gathered to fight against 30.000 warriors!
They will be heading now to Onigashima where Kaido and Big Mom are waiting.
This is going to be a huge surprise for them to know that Big Mom is now on Kaido's side!
This is will make the fight harder than ever, Imagine that 4.200 vs 30.000.. It's time for the alliance to come and to join this war.
The war will start soon, Probably in the next chapter and i am so excited we've been waiting for this, I don't know if Shanks or Blackbeard will interfere, I don't know if someone else will fight in their side.
But the most important that Luffy and Zoro are making a progression, I can't wait to see them fighting against the beast pirates!

Guys, One piece chapter 956 will be released on 20 September.


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