One Piece Chapter 955 Release Date and Predictions

Hi Everyone, i happy to share with you these informations about One Piece Chapter 955 release date and Predictions
Before you Keep reading these ! Make sure that you are okay with spoilers and everything!
The last chapter 954 was an interesting chapter !! The Final fight is about to start against Kaido
but They still don't know that Big Mom made an alliance with Kaido to rule the world ! this actually insane ! Kaido and Big Mom ALLIANCE!! What? (This was My first Reaction)
How Luffy and the other will be able to stop them now! This is really going to be difficult
Zoro is making a deal with Hiyori about the sword of shisui! He will exchange his sword shisui for another legendary sword that was capable of injuring Kaido before By Oden!
This is confirms that Zoro will fight Kaido even for a seconds! He will injure Kaido!
Luffy is training to learn and control his advanced Haki! But i can't see them winning the fight because they still don't have any idea about Big Mom joining Kaido...
Kinemon is preparing for the Plan to reach Onigashima 
but its really a difficult way to reach the place !

The adventure is about to begin!

One Piece Chapter 955 will be released on 13 September.

Is there any chance for them to win the fight against Kaido and Big Mom ?


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