Killua vs Neferpitou ! Who is Stronger ?

I am so interested to share this with you! This question hit me for a long Time! But I didn't find the right answer for that!
Everyone thinks differently, And maybe I can find a convincing answer!
I will be happy if you leave your thoughts below!
So from the start! It is known that Killua and Gon will fight Neferpitou together! But Gon made his decision to fight Pitou alone ! He just said to Killua "I want this for myself" What if Killua and Gon fought together Pitou?
This could be possible to defeat her without Gon Transformation! But there is one problem! I think its better to fight one vs one!
Pitou could threaten one of them ! So the other can't continue the fighting.. It's better for the story to take that way!
We already know that Gon is capable to defeat! He already did that! By pushing himself and reaching to a point where he can't use his NEN again! But thanks to Killua, he is back alive!! Is Killua now able to defeat Pitou by himself ?
Do you remember guys when Pitou's poppet cut Gon's Arm! Killua was able to move and to react fast using God speed! I think he is even faster than Gon and Pitou! Killua is more faster! And in terms of power now! Killua is a skilled hunter! He has the ability to fight Pitou, of course the ants body is powerful! So maybe she can resist the electricity! But his speed will help to cut Pitou's head in no time!
She will not be able to react and to defend! One thing ! After Pitou's death her body will be activated as a poppet!
This could a problem! Gon was able to kill her using Jajanken, In the maximum power! So how Killua will be able to stop her in this position!
I think he can! Killua will tear her apart and to pieces! using his claws! with "God speed" of course!
We can't compare Gon and Killua! Killua is more stronger than him! He lived his whole life as an assassin ! He trained hard! that's why he is now powerful and I am sure he can defeat Pitou! Of course this my point of view!


  1. Amigo, Nefer le da una paliza, Si Kite era profesional cazador, y Nefer le quito la la cabeza imaginate xDDDD


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