Dragon Ball Super Movies 2020

Dragon Ball Super Movies 2020

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was one of my best movies so far, before the movie revealed that Broly is one of the characters. I was very excited for his back to the show ! The movie revealed Broly and Goku and Vegeta Past... The animation as always better than before, Broly was a great character ! He was evolving by fighting and that's what I like about him! He is a legendary saiyan ! That's why Goku wants to fight him again and again. So, is there another movie after Dragon Ball Super Broly ? Maybe in 2020 will feature for us a new story ! Or maybe after Dragon Ball Super Season 2, why not ? After Moro Arc, I am sure we are going to get another movie ! 
But, what will be about ? i mean the story ... I would like personally to explain for us the beginning of the Saiyan race. 
“Saiyan Race” looks a pretty name for another Dragon Ball Super Movie! Another expectation about Frieza ruling over Zeno ! I mean Frieza Becoming in the Place of Zeno because he already mentioned that before and pricesly in the Tournament of power ... 

What if the Movie focus on Gohan Potential one more Time ! I am not losing hope to see Gohan potential one more Time! it's worth it really! It will be excited if they bring one of the villains to the story ! But the most story that i believe will interest us, is Goku meeting his Dad (Baradock) and his Mother (Gine)! The story about travelling to the past ! Where Goku left his home ! 
If you think differently, don't hesitate to share your thoughts below!


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