Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53

The Last Chapter was a great chapter, Before you start reading keep in mind that this article contains spoilers for the last chapter and the chapter 53 . 

we saw that Vegeta reached planet Yardrat and he learned more about Goku training there. i am not going for more details but we learned that Vegeta must learn Spirit control ! 

The yardrats knows the whole story about Goku and Vegeta saving their planet for ginyu force. So i think they will accept Vegeta as a Student.

Goku and Merus headed to another planet for Training, But it seems that Goku having a problem to reach Ultra instinct..
Merus explained to Goku how to reach ultra instinct, Goku Transform to Super Saiyan using his Rage but Ultra instinct is the opposite.
Goku must control his emotions, Merus took Goku to another place that we all know guys ( Hyperbolic Time Chamber )

Merus explained that he can now unleash his all power without tracing them. So Merus is actually stronger then we know. He might actually mastered ultra instinct. i don't remmember that he said i can reach it.
In the next chapter, i am sure that Goku will acheive the ultra instinct, of course he will have a problem dealing with Merus power.
But he can do it!

Piccolo and the other learned about the situation in Namek, Bulma contacted Jaco and then he told them..
Piccolo stopped the intruders but they sent alert message to Moro!! 

Moro is going to send help to learn more about Planet earth if it's worthy to eat it (it's energy).
we will see in chapter 53 that Jacco arrives to earth in order to gather a Team (Piccolo, Krillin, Goten and Trunks Maybe, Tien...)

Vegeta Will learn how to control his spirit after few days passing of course .
we will see Merus power level against Goku and Maybe Goku reaching Ultra instinct too.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 will be released on October 20.
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