Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 16 Release Date

Before Reading make sure that you are okay with spoilers and everything!
In this article, I will let you know the exact release date of episode 16
First, Dragon Ball Heroes episode 15 was the end of Kamioren By the hand
of Goku Mastered Ultra instinct! With the help of Piccolo,Vegeta,Android17
Trunks! They were able to stop him. But this is not the end ! Hearts just started
his Plan! The Power form is completed and has been condensed into the universe seed!
Zamasu seems to have a wish and ambition to reach, he's been waiting for this!
What is it exactly ?
Zamasu is going to fight Universe 7 fighters alone by himself, So Hearts can focus
to steal the energy of universe 7 and Begin with his plan!
Dragon ball heroes episode 16 : Zamasu vs Universe 7, Ambition's End!
What's the Zamasu guy up to ?
The next Episode 16 will be released on October! There is no exact date till now!
But it seems the first week of October...


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