Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date and Predictions


If you didn't read the manga, this is actually a spoilers!!

The Last Chapter 38 was kinda a sad chapter for everyone, we all beleived that Naruto and Sasuke 
will be able to stop Jigen, Naruto is a dangerous state but i think he will not die . he will get over this and heal himself with the help of Kurama, he will lunch his next move.

I think everyone will learn about Naruto and they will run for help! until they come, Naruto must find a way to stand again and broke the seal.
It's about time for Kashin Koji to reveal himself in chapter 39.

Chapter 38 revealed another Otsutsuki Named Isshiki, it seems that Isshiki wants Kawaki to be his next vessel and that's why Jigen is after him, Maybe he is after Boruto also.

we might learn also more about Karma and how it works with Boruto, Is Boruto will be able to activate his Karma ? But before this, I think Kawaki and Boruto might have a plan to rescue Naruto or to stop Jigen.
Who is going to defeat Jigen after all ? Is it Boruto ?

Boruto Chapter 39 will be released on October 20.


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