Boruto Chapter 38 Release Date and Predictions

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First, I was sure about Sasuke helping Naruto! Naruto can't fight Jigen by himself, He need Sasuke in his side.
Jigen is so Powerful, You can't underestimate him!!! But i think Naruto and Sasuke will give him a hard Time
because they are a good combination, they can understand each other, they can also lunch a powerful attack and
make a smart plan to stop him.. This why I think its good for Naruto and Sasuke to fight side by side.
Kashin Koji is not yet appeared in chapter 37, So i hope he makes his appearance and introduce himself, then we
can learn more about him and about his goal.
Maybe Boruto and Kawaki will join the fight with Naruto and Sasuke, But they are fighting in other dimension...
Many speculated that Boruto can travel to other dimension like Sasuke using his Karma, Actually Jigen confirmed that!
It's the time for Boruto to show what he can do, to prove himself in front of his teacher and in front of his dad.
It's been a long time that you fans are speculated that Naruto is going to die, I hope not!!! But something is about
to happen ! i can sense that.. For those who thinks that Boruto is a trash Anime! Get ready the hype is about to begin.

Boruto Chapter 38 will be released exactly on September 20, 2019.


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