Re:Zero Season 2 Release Date

Hey everyone,
I will be honest with you, the release date is not confirmed yet it's just an expectation.. But season 2 has finally been confirmed after years of waiting.
This was announced at AnimeJapan 2019, we got the Trailer for re zero Starting Life In Another World Season 2.
There is also an upcoming OVA called Frozen Bonds, for now it's not clear when the season 2 will come out, i mean when it will be aired!
But of course they will hit us with a Trailer or something. According to the trailer for re zero Starting Life In Another World Season 2, during the journey
to Roswaal Mansion Emilia will meet with Pack for the royal election as a candidate. Try to avoid A part from OVA episodes because it contains spoiler for season 2, that's what some other people saying.

Between volume 10 will come out on June 18 and volume 11 on October 29.
The trailer show us dead bodies around Subaru, The women with the white hair will be revealed, and the season 2 will start from where season 1 ends
you remember the dramatic moment between Subaru and Emilia.

The season 2 is expected to be released before the ends of 2019. But i am feeling it will be on 2020, maybe they will take their time for the production
and you just have to wait for that. If you didn't watch the trailer, just type on YouTube re zero season 2 and that's it!


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