One Piece Chapter 945 Predictions and Release Date

Hey everyone, thank you for coming to watch my video!

One Piece Chapter 944 was a good chapter, I can't deny that but I am sure the next chapter will be better and also you can't deny even that. One piece manga is moving on the right way! I don't care
if the release date will take even 2 weeks or more because I am really having a good time when I am reading one piece manga. 
A video trailer dropped online showing us the Wano country arc ..
Just watch it. i don't wanna say more about it! It really awsome! You will absolutely like the animation. it's a samurai country so imagine how it looks!! Anyway, Just I will recap what happened in the last chapter and then what might happen in chapter 945.
The chapter revealed that Killer is actually Kamazou! He is a pirate from the South Blue and a member of the Kid Pirates. He is one of the "Worst Generation".

After the confrontation with Kaido! Something happened that led him to eat the Smile devil fruit! Kid went to rescue Him . Another great moments ! About Sanji and Zoro starting to fight! When Zoro and Sanji Saved Toko ! i was like hell this is One piece ...
You know that big mom in her way to reach the mine prison, so the next chapter 945 will focus absolutely on Big mom and Queen! Big Mom with her army will reach the prison in order to fight Queen!
One way to calm her down ! They need to give her Oshiruko. But the problem is that Luffy is making everything worse! Luffy ate it all ! So since its belonged to Queen ! Big mom will blame him for that! And a fight will start between them in the next chapter. Don't worry about the chapter 945, it will be released on 10 June. Its not far from now!
If you have any thoughts about what might happen in chapter 945 ! Just leave a comment below !

Is Luffy gonna interfere with Big mom and Queen Fight? He will look for trouble ! You know Luffy how he thinks ! He will tell her the truth about eating all her Oshiruko. But i hope Luffy will not interfere with her right now ! He must escape first ! He must take advantage of that and escape immediately.


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