if Goku will meet his Father Bardock!

Father and son ! If there is a chance for Goku to meet his father ! That would be crazy really!
I don't know but i feel like i want this to happen somehow! I will try to guess how Goku can meet his father and there is a way actually! maybe too many ways ! Since dragon ball super Broly bring us the backstory of Baradock and Gine . I would say Baradock really love his son! he sent him away from the planet! And save him from Freiza! and you absolutely like that smile when Baradock was dying by Frieza . I don't know how he saw a hint of Goku standing in front of Frieza in the future! But i don't want Goku to meet his father in a situation as evil person, or we say a villain.

I want it to be a dramatic moment between father and son ! I will say a time travel could be possible since Bulma can invent a time travel Machine! But first you must know this ! Whis said :

"Time is a precious and sacred force in the universe. When you travel back in time, you create a distortion in the fabric of reality, and it ends up causing a ripple in the timestream. Temporal aftereffects on the events that you were trying to undo. That is a serious offense to the laws of reality and nature. Time was only ever meant to travel in one direction: foreward."
— Whis

Whis or Beerus or even Zeno wouldn't allow time travel! But they did it one time to help Trunks !
Goku always breaking the rules! Imagine if Goku tried to know his backstory ! Goku never mention his father or his mother ! He never mentionned that he want to meet one of them!
i can't say Goku will use time travel to meet his father! Maybe a new dragon ball serie about the Saiyan Race! and they have to fix something in the past ! So that would be great! Now Whis and Beerus will allow him to travel! But of course without telling grand priest and Zeno about that!

Maybe Whis has the ability to travel back in time ! I don't know maybe there is a limit also! Anyway
Goku is in plant Vegeta and suddenly he meets his father ! he will recognize that they are similar.
everyone will cry At that moment! If Whis with Goku ! He will tell him this is your dad ! And he will tell him also the whole story! Then Goku can meet his father and also his mother ! It would be for amount of time. And it s going to be hard for Goku to say good bye to his father! But at least Goku will know how much Baradock loves him! also, Baradock can see how much Goku is now strong ! You know super Saiyan God. But of course they will not interfere to stop Frieza from destroying the planet! I feel this is really can happen in dragon ball! Its not possible ! it's a fan service! I hope someday ! Me or you can see the meeting between Goku and his father! Like what happened with Naruto meeting Minato ! Because i didn't expect that too! So i believe it could happen in dragon ball !


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