Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Release Date Confirmed

Dragon Ball heroes Episode 12 is not far from now, and also the release Date is confirmed to be on 22 June, there is also a Synopsis for the next episode !


The battle rocks on the side of Universe 7! Goku and his Friends attack Hearts and Kamioren who are wreaking havoc. At the same time, Cumber unleashed in universe 3 confronts Cooler, who got a new power!

So according to this, the fight will turn into universe 7 ! Its time Goku and Vegeta now to Beat up
Hearts and to stop him! Vegeta ssj blue evoltion will take care of the fusion Kamioren !
also, Goku will be able to master the Ultra instinct ! He had to do that for the sake of universe 7!
And to protect them!
Is Beerus and Whis will take a decision about that? If Zeno sama will hear about this situation ?
If he heard about that! i am sure no one will stop him to erase all the univsers in one second ! not even Goku or the grand priest will able to stop Zeno for doing that! Back to Cumber in universe 3.
He will confront Cooler that he seems to be more powerful than before ! what's going to happen exactly between them! Where is Jiren now ? The last time he was captured !
At least now we know exactly when the episode will be released ! The story is going more intresting than before ! Dragon ball heroes actually is better now! That was Quick ! But this was the last update for episode 12! . What are your thoughts about it ?


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