The New OMNI KING!! Dragon Ball Super


Hey everyone,
okay since dragon ball super ends ! Something really stuck in mind till this Moment! You wanna know what it is !
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Dragon ball super ends with peace ! Everything is back to normal ! The universe will not be destroyed ! All wishes have been granted !And the tournament is over! But Frieza is back now ! We already saw him in dragon ball super Broly ! He is back like always, the evil Frieza ! Who impressed us with his wish in the movie! He really wants to get taller! But I am not forgetting that he want to rule over Zeno! i mean the Omni King and that's really looks impossible because we already know who is Zeno and what he is capable of!
Zeno is not a fighter! He is worse than that! He can destroy anything with a clap! Even all the universes!
So how Frieza will be able to rule over Zeno?
If Frieza said he will do it! i think he has a Plan! A good plan also to begin a new story and new arc in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza is not capable to defeat Goku or Vegeta anymore ! Only if he training a little more because he has the ability to improve so fast in strength.But Goku ultra instinct is beyond him ! Frieza knowledge the ultra instinct in the tournament! Maybe somehow Frieza will attain the ultra instinct! For the moment i only know that the god of destruction can be replaceable! But replacing the Omni king its different!
Frieza used Broly in the movie because he already knows that Goku and Vegeta stronger than him ! He knows for sure that Whis is training them. So there is no chance to defeat them alone. If he will replace Zeno ! First you must think about that! He will not gain the ability to erase universes.
So he will still have the same power level! But he will have the guardians and the Grandpriest under him. So maybe he will order them to fight Goku and Vegeta. You ask for Goku and Grandpriest fight! This is it the way for them to fight but what I am saying it's all garbage and you know why?
Grandpriest is the strongest even stronger than Whis,  Vegeta and Goku can't defeat Whis together with their full power. So I don't know if Goku will go ever.
beyond ultra instinct . This is was just all my theory about Frieza ruling over Zeno, if you want to add something, if you think of others ways, don't hesitate to leave your thoughts below.


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