Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 SPOILERS!

This is a Spoiler for episode 12 of Dragon Ball Heroes, so let me go ahead and tell you exactly what might happend.
Actually it's impossible that all the information that i got will happend in episode 12 since Dragon Ball Heroes provide us with only 10 minutes.
Anyway ! I will leave below the source of all these spoilers!
Characthers dialogue of Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game Universe mission 8 :

-Kaishin and the others! Reached universe 3 ! To find hearts and try to stop him.
-A fight between Ribrianne and Aniraza, and she transformed to super ribrianne.
Why anriraza ! Actually Hearts allied with paparone.
-Laggs is the only survivor of the glass tribe, Not only does it possess a special capability, it's combat power is very high.
-Again a fight between Vegeta Super Saiyan blue Evolution and the fusion of Kamioren.
-Hearts Heading towards the Universe 7 and to absorb the energy! But there is a problem ! Kaioshin said that zeno sama will relize that soon.
And if it does that happend, he will erase all the Universes this time, they have to stop before zeno knows about what happening.
-So the fight will continue in Universe 7 ! No information about Goku! But I am sure we gonna see Mastered Ultra Instinct one more time.
The Episode will come out in 25 june, If you have any Thoughts about The next Episode leave a comment Below!
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