Samurai 8 Chapter 3 Release Date


Hey everyone,
You want take a ride with me and I will show more details about the next chapter.
But you know the rule ! You must be someone that like to be spoiled.
Let's dig into it ,The last chapter was absolutely a good chapter and
its getting faster than you think ,Hachimaru just started to go out in
adventure and hhe will take us with him. First time Hachimaru eating food that much!
But you know he accidentally meet a person ! And that person name is Nameless !
A person with no name ! because he never met anybody before.
Anyway ,Hachimaru decided to take him as a friend and to join him in his Journey .
Hachimaru has a goal ! You will absolutely say he is like Naruto's way !
This is Hachimaru's way ! Its different and you will see that...
But the chapter ends with enemies attacking them,so I am ready to see a fight
and to see what Nameless actually can do,his way of fighting.
The next chapter will absolutely show us the real goad of those villains!
That's it!
If you ask for the release date ,it's officially on May 27 !
and if i really miss any other details you can leave your thoughts below
in the comment ! You are free to express your feeling about the chapter
and about what's going to happened.


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