One Piece Chapter 944 Release Date

Hey everyone, 
One Piece Chapter 943 was a great chapter, if you didn't read the manga, go now and do it!
because this Article will contain spoiler chapter 943 and some prediction about the next chapter!
keep reading till the end for more details and also to know the release date !
the most annoying thing in the chapter 943 was the laughing about Yasu's death, even his daughter was laughing, it wasn't normal! But we discovered that laughting was the effect of Smile devil fruit.
the chapter 943 Just revealed the effect of the smile devil fruit on someone who eat it!
actually when you hear the word Smile, you can only undrestand that when you eat the fruit ! 
you will gain power and You Will smile forever, But the truth is ! only 10% will get the power of the smile devil fruit! i will make it easy for you ! an example from the manga.
if 10 people eat it, only one person will obtain the power, the other 9 people will experience the adverse effect of the fruit, despite that you will not able to swim anymore, it remove also sadness!
and emotions!even rage, you will become a cold person, a person doesnt feel anything. 
you will just be capable of smiling, and the most horrible thing when Orochi reuse the failed fruit to affect other people ! he just collect the failed fruit with one bite because the fruit still give the person the adverse effect of it! now you undrestand what it means the smile devil fruit.
let me just told you what happened in the end of the chapter ! Toko the daughter of Yasu, someohow she slipped throught the bars! where Yasu is laying dead! she is giving medecine to her father, she want him to come back to life and that's normal for a little girl, but the problem is that Orochi saw her ! and he will try to kill her... But that moment ! when Zoro and Sanji interfere to save her, SANGORO and ZOROJURO! they look so pissed from each others, you knwo Zoro and Sanji, it was an epic entrance!
Anyway the chapter ends there! so maybe we will see a fight between Zoro and Sanji versus Xdrake and Hawkins because they are near them, they will not them escape.
you are waiting for a fight in Wano Country, you will get what you like. 
Luffy will be happy to see them interfere to save that little girl Toko! Luffy will try to escape with the help of Kanjuro, so what do you expect from chapter 944, don't hesitate to leave your thoughts below ! the release date of the next chapter on 31 may.


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