One Piece Chapter 943 Release Date

If you are a true One Piece Fan ! You will absolutely want to know about the release date of the next chapter 943 ! Before that ! The last chapter was a good chapter ! It gave us a lot of information on Yasu before he was executed.
You 've been wondering who is yasu ! And now you know his Backstory! Almost the chapter was about him.

The most shocking moment for me in the chapter when yasu's daughter and his friends in the village can't cry over his Death! That was horrible !!

Another mystery about the Smiles Devil Fruit, maybe we will understand that! But unfortunately it will take some time !

One Piece 943 won’t be out next week, I know you are thinking how that’s possible because we just had a break. The break that we got last week was due to the Golden Week. Next week, usually after Four chapters oda take a break.

The chapter will be out on May 20 ! You don't have to do anything ! You have just to wait ! There are no Official spoilers for this moment!
But if you have any thoughts about the next chapter don't hesitate to leave a comment and don't miss especially the notification ! Thank you again for Being here! And see you next time!


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