Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49 Release Date (Daikaioshin vs Moro)


Hey everyone,
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 48 ! Moro's wish! Before I start talking about the next chapter and
what might happened! Let me Just recap the chapter 48 first!
because it will lead us to conclusion about the next chapter.
The chapter starts with BUU attacking Moro and punch him to the face ! BUU handled the situation for
a while ! But Moro used a beam from his mouth cutting BUU's head!
And you know BUU will not be affected by that! Actually Moro was Surprised and that makes him so angry. It seems like Moro's Magic doesn't affect BUU. Maybe because he unleashed his potential.
BUU was playing with Moro! It was unexpected really! Is BUU stronger than before ?
BUU like always he is a funny fighter! And makes Moro even anger than before for losing to him!
Merus asked BUU to use the technique to stop Moro and win ! But suddenly the space turned dark ! Mighty Porunga has been summoned by Moro's friend! Then he wished to heal himself and to regenerate his full magic power! And that wish has been granted ! Moro is back and before making the last wish he killed Cranberry! And granted the third wish ! It was late for Goku and Vegeta to stop him and to know the last wish ! He vanished and hide his ki energy ! Moro actually has a different energy ! He is now able to suck the whole planet! Thanks to Buu Goku and vegata Just back to their full strength.
Actually it's not BUU! BUU switched body with Grand supreme Kai.
who fought Moro alongside South Supreme Kai 10 million years ago.
Supreme Kai was able to seal Moro's magic power. He was absorbed by BUU! Just I am telling you
if you don't remember that. Anyway GOKU using the instant transition and bring with him VEGETA AND THE GRAND Supreme Kai to find Moro and try to stop him !
With the help of the grand supreme kai they will be able to seal him now!
The time is running now ! there must be a way ! Maybe the grand supreme kai will unleash his abilities! That will be a great help ! can you guess what Moro granted for the last wish !
Is wanna be immortal? Is there a way for Goku and Vegeta to stop his magic power with the help of grand supreme kai! Next on dragon ball super chapter 49 !
The chapter will be released on June 20 !


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