Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Release Date!

The Animation Boy !! its so crazy , Episode 11 had the best animation i think in dragon ball heroes ! since Naotoshi Shida worked for this animation! its really getting better ! But the time of episode its really annoy a little bit!
Anyway welcome back  ! if you still didn't watch episode 11 and spoilers bothers you ! you know the way and if you are ready to hear spoilers of episode 11 and little information about episode 12 let's goo!

Episode 11 of dragon ball heroes ! first round of it was expected ! as i said vegeta will be able to knock out kamioren so easily by using Super Saiyan blue Evolution.
With kamioren lost the fusion there is no hope for them to continue fighting! and about Jiren and Zamasu ! actually you think that jiren is stronger! yes he is strong ! But it doesn't matter how much he is strong  because it won't affect zamasu! he is immortal! every single episode we see jiren beat him up But he stand everytime with no scratch ! i dont know really how they will be able to defeat him ! Maybe they will need the power of zeno sama ! like what happened in dragon ball super!
and now about Goku ! he lost ultra instinct ! and we already know it's not Mastered ultra instinct ! so there is a hope ! for Goku to become even stronger!
Lagss attacks Goku and Trunks try to defend him! But Goku didn't let him do that !! Hearts order laggs to assist cumber in universe 3 ! and then asked Goku to fight him and to show him Mastered ultra instinct ! and that he want to draw out that power... But even Goku and vegeta or trunks together able to attack Hearts ! 
he pushed them to the ground ! a strong power of gravity! and finally kaioshin appeared ! and asked goku to use instant transmition taking them to universe 7 ! so they escaped after all ! meanwhile Jiren ! captured By Heart! and they got enough power energy from universe 11!

Now about Episode 12 of Dragon Ball Heroes ! The release Date in June ! but i dont know the exact day ! they told us only it s the next month!
So after watchin the preview of episode 12 ! the fight will continue in universe 7 ! where the super warriors gathers to start the fight against Hearts !
The fighter will get even cooler !! oh about cooler ! Fu unleashed cooler ! and he look more stronger ! a fight between Cumber and Cooler will start in the next episode ! dont be sad you will get to see master ultra instinct now or later ! because we deserve another look! anyway thank you for being here...


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