BORUTO Chapter 35 Release Date and Spoilers

Hey everyone ! If you are here !
It means you are waiting for chapter 35 ! So don't 
worry ! I will tell you exactly when 
it will be released.It might contain spoilers so you know 
the way if you don't like to get spoiled.Anyway! 
Boruto Chapter 35 will be an intresting chapter,you know why ?

Kawaki and Kurama meeting finnally and that's why 

I am so excited. And you probably feel the same.Kurama 
actually appeared in front of kawaki from nowhere. 
That's why he got a bit scared But Kurama handle the 
situation to calm him down and to talk to each other ! 
The reason why Kurama wants to talk to kawaki.
Is that he want him to never leave Naruto and to stand 
with him!Heading now to Boruto, Boruto is warming up! 
He is training . He has to become stronger.Maybe we wil 
see the return of sasuke to the village ! It's the time 
for him to get back.Kashin koji is a big secret for us 
till now! He still in the village. He is getting 
information on Kawaki Step by step and every single 
movement. i don't know the reason and his goal till now.
As everyone thinking and maybe also you think like me! 

He is someone old from the village and since kashin koji 

can do the Rasengan as well. Maybe he is student of 
Jiraya like Nagato and Naruto.Maybe he is one of the 
prophecy that Jiraya trained him in the past ! 
And Jiraya didn't spoke about him ever.This is just a 
speculation for this moment, maybe you have another 
opinion about kashin koji ! Don't mind sharing it with 
me below in the comment.You must know also That Delta has 3 Bodies.
I think she will appear again in the next chapter.
You absolutely wait for the release date, it's on June 10.


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