Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date

Hey Everyone,
The last episode of attack on titan was better than I expected ! It s true that I know exactly know
from the Manga what's going to happened ! But when its animated it's even better. If you are here
it means you are waiting for the next episode release Date! But first keep reading for more details . I wanna recap the episode 17 briefly. It will not take so long. And you must know that it will contain some spoilers.

The Scouts charging towards the Ape Titan and fired smoke screen in his face using that distracting
plan, Levi attacked the beast ! With high speed and power he easily overwhelmed him.
The moment he tried to leave the beast alive, so he can be eaten by someone to get his power.
A dog like Titan bite Zeke and run away! Armin figures that the colossal Titan uses his muscle energy by emitting hot steam, with the help of Eren they made a perfect Plan, Armin choose to sacrifice himself to distract Berthold while Eren got the time to harden his whole body and sneak behind him and get him the hell out of his neck, when
he was so skinny after using a lot of his power. Armin was burned alive !
Trying to help Berthold, Reiner got ambushed by Mikasa and the others, it seems the shock made him forgot a lot of things so it made using the thunder spears a lot easy to attacked his jaw, one missed
the other made it with the help of Hange. They broke his jaw so Mikasa fired a thunder spear right up his mouth.
Watch the preview of episode 18 for more details ! But i wanna say something !
The next episode will decide who will survive ? Reiner or Armin ? Between Levi wants Reiner and Eren wants Armin to survive, are we gonna see a fight there! The survivor will be able to transform into a titan ! Wait for the next episode for your answer! It will be release on the second June!


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