Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 17 : LEVI VS BEAST TITAN


Hey everyone,
After watching the episode 16 of Attack on Titan season 3 ! It was like wooow this is crazy!
So listen carefully and let me talk about the episode :
its beginning with the beast titan throwing rocks on people! He freaks them out.
That beast has no mercy!
Going on to the colossal titan crushing everything in his way to the wall ! Like its nothing!
And Eren appeared in front of him ! To stop him. But the colossal titan kicked him away!
Armin was scared ! , so he gave the call to Jean
Thunder spears couldn't reach the colossal because of the hot steam that he was emitting.
We saw the armored titan getting back on his feet.
Levi and Erwin talking about his dream and the plan for killing the beast Titan.
the scouts made up their mind to make this their last battle and suicide for their falling friends!
They want somehow to use the smoke to distract the ape!
So that Levi can manage to assassinate the titans and what makes this nearly impossible that Levi
will try to use the titans as building and trees for his ODM GEAR.
ERWIN got pierced at the last scene with rocks fragment. And the episode ends there!
About the next episode ! You saw actually what happened in the manga.
so Levi will take care of everything ! He will knock every titan ! also, he will defeat the beast Titan.
But the beast titan will run away with the help of other Titan !
i know you are waiting for Levi to take care of the beast Titan ! it's gonna be animated finally !
We ve waited for that so long! Erwin is in a bad condition ! He's almost dead ! That so sad for him! The next episode will be crazier than you think.
The episode will air on may 26 ! You must have something to say about the episode ! You are free to leave your thoughts below.


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